NBA News: Racism and women s kneading? League introduces examination against Phoenix Suns and owner Robert Sarver

The NBA has initiated a study against Phoenix Suns and its owner Robert Sarver. The previous day ESPN had published a feature in which several anonymous sources were charged against racism and women s kneading against sarver.

Baxter Holmes of espn spoke with more than 70 people who work for the Suns or did this and gather all this for that feature, which went online on Tuesday. Therein several incidents are described in which sarver is presented as racist and feminine. The level in women s antiquity and racism was completely unacceptable, espn quoted a non-owner of the Suns mentioned by name. By contrast, General Manager James Jones and Team President Jason Rowley defended the main owner. He is not a racist and no sexist, Rowley said.

For this purpose, several sources have been confirmed that the working environment was poisoned under Sarver. The NBA reacted immediately and initiated an investigation. We take the allegations from the ESPN article very seriously and with Wax Tiel Lipton on a law firm turned on to initiate an independent examination, said NBA known in a statement.

The NBA and the WNBA has committed itself to a respectful handling of all employees in the workplace. As soon as the examination is finished, we will make a decision based on it.

Phoenix Suns: N-word allegedly fell several times

In the former Suns coach Earl Watson, a former employee of the Suns in public. Watson accuses Sarver, among other things, that this used the N-word to him. Other employees who did not want to be called said that Sarver did this several times.

Watson coach between 2016 and 2017, but was already fired in the season 16/17 but already after three games. The reason for this should have been a dispute between Sarver and Watson s agents Rich Paul. Paul had held himself with Sarver at the contract negotiations for Guard Eric Bledsoe, the Suns owner then presented Watson before choosing to fire the Klutch agent or to give up his coaching job.

In addition, several employees indicated that the Suns prevailed a women s timely climate, with sarver also noticed inappropriate statements. So Sarver Sarver should have suggested that the Suns Strippers should engage. These could then be able to swear by Suns players so that players would have children and stay in the area.

Phoenix Suns: Robert Sarver demonstrates allegations

Phoenix Suns owner faces allegations of racism and misogyny in the organization

Sarver demonstrated most of the allegations, even the current GM James Jones presented himself demonstratively behind his owner and explained in a statement that the operations described would not comply with the image he had of 60-year-old.

Sarver has been the owner of the Suns since 2004 and stood again and again because of his basketball choices in criticism. Thus, among other things, he is laid that the Seven Seconds-Or-Less Suns did not gain a title because of its thrift with Steve Nash and Amar e Stoudemire. Before entering the finals in the previous year, the Suns missed the playoffs ten times a bit.

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As it continues, depends on the investigation. The NBA has ever commissioned Wax Tiel Lipton - in 2014, when there was a racism scandal at L.A. Clippers. The then owner Donald Sterling was banished in the episode and had to sell the team on the urge of commissioner Adam Silver.


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