Nagelsmann manifests itself to his job as Bayer

Opportunities Salt, Goalauscheute Skipper: Julian Nagelsmann had to live on Saturday night for a long time with a 0-0 against outsider Armenia Bielefeld, before the Always Agile on the sideline coach ultimately a 1-0 work victory was allowed to record.

That it was a special situation just because of the previous BVB victory in Wolfsburg (3: 1, thus temporarily with two points more first) — especially because of the upcoming classic in the signal idea park (Saturday, 18.30 clock), confirmed the Coach of Bayern also talking to Sky : We had enough opportunities to win the game. It was then more and more a patience — and you're a bit under pressure because Dortmund has just won.

The knot is then bursting through a very nicely outed gate (by Leroy Sané; ). And such a 1-0 in the fall then doing well, as a whole we have defended well. And so do we are now full of anticipation as a league leader to Dortmund.

Both sides a bit involved

In the run-up part of the game Nagelsmann had also had to reliably or evil to other subjects to position — and did without grumbling: It belongs to FC Bayern also to relate to certain topics. I have the most speech time in the media, This is a coach a bit-wide normal. You have to clearly separate the thoughts in his head. But I still have enough capacities to take care of the sport. Above all, the turbulent annual collector last Thursday oversee here as a topic, for which the 34-year-old said, With such an emotional conflict, both sides are always a bit involved. There were certainly situations that we could have solved as a club better, but there were Also situations that the members could have solved better.

This is always a certain burr hike.

Julian Nagelsmann about his job as Bavaria Coach

Nagelsmann became a bit going on: There was probably even easier situations to become Bavaria coach: first the very successful time, then with Corona (around the not vaccinated and then infected Joshua Gimmick; ANM. D. Red. ) And the topic of the annual general meeting. This is always a certain ridge hike, such as with the unvaccinated players. Since you try to support the players and to convince them anyway. That's already such a Slave is not that easy. Nevertheless, I think that I get that well — together with the staff.

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