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WET WORKSHOP is a New Zealand company that was responsible for the special effects of Lord of the Rings (which will soon be spending a new series) and Avatar is well known in the film industry. It has his hands but not only in the film industry, but also in the game market. Now rumors have surfaced a new game, which has not been officially announced.

Mr. herrings studio works on video game

A job advertisement reveals that there is a producer roll for a game with an incredibly rich and inspiring license with an incredibly rich and inspiring license. In this advertisement, the team is looking for a producer who supports the development of innovative games.

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The request is also stated that the next release fans and players will inspire all over the world. The project should appear for PC and consoles.

What a game develops WET WORKSHOP?

Now, of course, a lot is speculated about what this game could act. Of course, a title of Lord of the Rings would be obvious. This assumption is based on the Lord of the Rings with one of the prestige projects WET workshops.

All this is pure speculation, information from the official side is not yet available — only the job advertisement.

VFX Artists React to LORD OF THE RINGS Bad & Great CGi 1

Wet Digital and Unity

But this is not the only connection WET workshops into the world of video games. Recently, a branch of the company was sold entitled Wet Digital to Unity. Some employees of digital will switch to Unity and should combine the techniques for which WET has become known with the game world. This should expand the real-time 3D content from Unity in the future. What exactly to be expected here will only show the time.

Regardless of WET Workshop, the middle earth video game of the Lord of the Rings is soon: Gollum on the plan.

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