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Lineage W - Global Launch Gameplay | First Impressions (Android/IOS) [Kids News 24 Moon Young - Soo] NCsoft (Representative Kim Taekjin) new work Lineage W began concurrent services in 12 Global, November 4, November 4.

Lineage W is attracting attention to the first place in the app store, including Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, as a global dictionary reservation. This game was not only the day of release, and it has been ranked first in the domestic Apple App Store.

Lineage W inherited the combat system, the core content of the original. We implemented the battle of cells, grids, such as original, and reproduced the sense of inherent inherent strikes that original fans are important.

NCsoft designed Lineage W with a high level of pool 3D graphics and quartum. Even though it was changed to 3D world, it is designed to apply the impact processing technique as it is, and the character with its own position value is designed to hit each other. Crash treatment is one of the main features of Lineage battle that emphasize a realistic war by emphasizing strategic location and large importance in large-scale battlefield gathering gathering.

There is also a variable part, such as using the person who could not be expressed, and the details of the world. For example, the dragon Antarasus appeared in Lineages was a few hundred hundreds of humans than the human being, but only a little bigger than humans in 2D. Antarasa has changed to a huge appearance of Lineage W, designed in 3D, and has changed to a giant appearance, and it has changed to a large impact on the boss-ridding method and strategy.

Lineage W is a small fact that it is a small battle from the battle between the hunting and individuals.

NCsoft has strengthened the narrative so that global users who first encounter Lineage can easily be immersed. The user can enjoy the reinterpreted Lineage W with Dark Panda, and confirm the established story by class.

Popularization of information is also drawing. The original Lineage Series had an individual and some of the blood information exclusively on the boss or hunting. In Lineage W, all users and boss information can be confirmed intuitively, and even if Lineage was first encountered, it changed to make it easier to know the situation in the game.

NCsoft is a policy to aim the global popular Lineage with the identity of the original. Lineage W is serviced as a global sun contrain, and you can interact and compete with the user of several countries together on one server.

AI translation technology was also introduced so that there was no inconvenience to use different languages. AI Translation of the AI ​​(NC), which is specialized in the game, such as the colloquial and internet terms (NC), can feel the fun of MMORPG gathering MMORPG gathering in global units.


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