Kumagai ensures Munich victory against TOPTeam Lyon

Lyon vs. Bayern Munich | UEFA Women’s Champions League Matchday 3 Full Match

Compared to the 0: 1 defeat in the Bundesliga top match against Wolfsburg, Bayern-Coach Jens Schemer rotated on three positions: instead of glass, berryesteyn and damnjanovic (all bank), Simon, Assam and Schiller began. For the first time this season, Defenseschefin Hearing was back in the squad in the squad.

Lyon s trainer Sonia Compactor decided to change three changes a week ago compared to the 2-1 success against the Munich. Instead of Van de Donk, Cascading and Mallard (all bank), Mock Bath, Bach and Lederberg started.

Schiller awards — Europa violates

The game started — under the eyes of Bavaria s men s coach Julian Nagelsmann — almost with a bang for the Münchnerinnen: Because Under collapsed in front of his own penalty area with team-kollegin Buchanan and Assam, Schiller alone could open towards emptiness gate, but closed to overcast and inaccurate (2.).

Such bulk opportunities were subsequently lacked up to the break piece. The Bavaria understood it — unlike a week before in Lyon — excellent that OF s offensive machinery did not come into wheels and, especially in the first half hour, had a plus of games. Likeness for Lyon: Europa had to get out early in the 37th minute with a violation of the left foot prematurely, Cascading came into the game, which went to the halftime.

Kumeyaay ensures the decision

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After a quiet start of the second half, because both teams were largely neutralized in midfield, Lyon suddenly had an excellent double chance in the 59th minute: but the released Mario failed in the first attempt to Beneath and aimed in marginal shot. Then the game became a little more open, both teams were trying to produce more pace in midfield.

It emerged in the middle of the second half now more rooms, the degrees piled. For the Munich leadership, however, a corner ball was responsible, which had brought out a shortly previously substitute Damnjanovic. Kumeyaay met against her ex-club by head to the rejuvenated 1: 0 (69.). Lyon then increased the pressure, but more than half-opportunities of Laurent, Moroni and Cascading (80th, 86th, 89th) were no longer out for the French women — until in the detention time: because Cascading shot shortly before the end only a bit thin Past (90. + 5), before the following corner ball again a lot of operation — also Lyon-Keeperin Under was with front — in the penalty area in front of Beneath (90. + 6). Ultimately, Bavaria was allowed to look forward to a prestigious home success.

On the 5th match day (December 9, 18.45), Punchers meet BK Hacker, Lyon is guesting at Benefice at the same time. In the league, the FCB meets on Sunday (1 pm) now on the FC Carl Zeiss Jena.


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