How to correct the delay or entry tartmade of the mouse in Battlefield 2042

Mouse input delay BF 2042 — This guide will show you how to solve the delay problem / mouse entry DataMade in Battlefield 2042 PC.

How to correct the delay or mouse entry DataMade in Battlefield 2042

Games have always been prone to various errors and failures. Especially in always online titles where there are many updates and changes, errors are quite regular. The same goes for Battlefield 2042. Since its launch, players have been found with many errors and failures. Some break the game, while others are quite minor errors.

On this occasion, a new error has appeared in BF 2042 that can be considered as a rupture of the game. This error makes the mouse of the players to be delayed and famous. As a reason, it is costing them to point.

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There is a huge publication in the EA forums on this topic:

My mouse has a massive stuttering on the menus or in the game where it freezes for about a second, then for about a quarter of a second, it suddenly moves and goes to the place where it was pointing. The keyboard entrance does not have this problem and the game runs to a good and high frame of frames all the time, it is just the mouse. This has been a problem from the beta version, and it has also prevented me from playing the game.

I went on and I spoke with EA support. But they could not offer a solution. They simply said they are presenting it to the development team.

However, he says he has not released any permanent solution for this stuttering and mouse delay error, but there are certain adjustments that players can do to solve it.

How to fix

There are some settings that you can do in the Battlefield 2042 setup menu, which will reduce the severity of the entrance or stuttering. Before that, this is what I would recommend that you try:

Disable playback of future frames and synchronization V Go to your mouse software and reduce your survey rate at 500 Hz Activate the unprocessed mouse entry Go to the driver settings, configure them everywhere as custom. Then go to key combinations — Devince all Joystick combinations [Fix Suggested by Steam User / To4ka177 ]

Also make sure your CPU is not 100% use. Battlefield 2042 already has an error that carries the use of 100% CPU, which causes stuttering

If the things given previously do not end up working for you, here is a video of a YouTuber called Paradox. Follow the settings of your video and could do the job:

The good news is that EA is already aware of this problem and the development team is currently working on a patch. Therefore, wait a very soon update.

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