Halo Infinite: No one needs this Open World

Hallo Infinite is just one of 343 industries and skybox labs in development video game, which is to be released by the Xbox Game Studios for Windows, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series. The game must appear 2021 and also is the next almost all the Halo collection. It establishes the story of the Master Chief in the third phase of the Reclaimer Saga, according to Halo 5: Guardians as well as will certainly be the 6th game in the franchise with Master Chief as a lead character.

What does the Campaign of Halo Infinite actually do? While the free multiplayer may be played extensively, there is further mysterious silence about the story mode of the ego shooter. Apart from a short feature trailer in October there was nothing new to see. And that, although the release for PC and Xbox is almost in front of the front door!

But do not worry, we are now ensuring clarity! We were invited by Microsoft to play a preview version of the title to slip into the iconic armor of the Master Chief and to make our first steps over the Zeta Halo.

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Whats in Halo Infinite?

Whereby, of course, not quite true. The prelude of Infinite signs us on board a warship of the Banished. Here we are with the Master Chief looking for a new companion I, which should help us save humanity. Instead of Cortana, Infinite The Weapon to the side. But that sounds clearly martial than its end. Your hold girlfriend is actually quite sympathetic and also has the one or the other fleets in stock. The dynamics between your and Spartan-117 fits really well in the first minute. This remembers all the proven green man, blue woman concept, which according to developers already made the charm of earlier parts. Here and there the word changes were a little too casual for the destiny of the entire universe at stake. But that is probably a matter of taste.

Your companion I The Weapon helps you to hedge terminals or to redirect energy sources. Source: PC Games What is out of the question: As a newcomer, it will take a little time at the beginning to find up in the world of Halo Infinite (now €69.99). After more than 20 years, dozens of games, books and soon also a full-blown TV series, the shooters lore is a little confused. What has it actually with these rings? Who is Doctor Halsey? Why are the UNSC and the Banished in the war? If you get into the series with Infinite, you will have many question marks above your head, not all of them will disappear during the game. The approach of spiritual reboots does not help, which the developers have pursued. An introductory cutscene, a what happened so far or at least a kind of Ingame-lexicon, where you can make yourself clever about the different figures and factions, would have been enormous helpful. So only a look into Alopecia.

On the game fun, this circumstance gnaws to start but not. Especially that is staged correctly. Developers 343 Industries drives a perfectly planned action firework in the first day hour, which draws one directly into the spell. It runs through the narrow corridors of the Brandon station, which goes up under your feet in flames. Or she wanders reverently through the holy archives of the blood fathers, while the Master Chief is pursued by visions of his past. Here, Halo definitely plays his strengths.

How good is the Open World?

But then she lands on the Zeta Halo, the open sandbox area of ​​the game, and the quality is noticeable. With Halo Infinite, the creators after more than 20 years of series history have first discovered the concept Open World for themselves. With that they are not only late, they also rely on mechanics that even hang out on other genre representatives such as Crys hard-minded fans.

Already the map section of our demo had a lot of employment opportunities to offer. Source: PC Games An example complacent? Outpost. So many outposts. Banished have built a series of tactical bases on the Zeta Halo that can attack and assume. So you not only get access to your own bases, where you worried vehicles and weapons. On the tactical map, you also turn off activities in the area: For example, for example, which will allow you to highlight exactly like an outpost, but at least connected with a few small In game missions such as the high hunting of silos. Or high-profile goals, of which you then unlock weapons for your Arsenal. Exciting, what? There is also a sheer endless number of sensitive-exempts Collective objects: audio recordings, propaganda towers or Mjölnir weapons chambers, in which then all serious skins and cosmetics are plugging for the multiplayer. Thats how explore its really fun.

The Open World in Halo Infinite acts simply completely deployed in the first hours — as if one dashed a Doom Eternal an open game world. Especially since the extensive areas offer at most a manageable playful added value. The story structure still remains linear. You have to give you to the starting point of a main mission now just yourself and can look on the way a few secondary tasks. Although there is more to discover, but not really much to see. The Zeta-Halo has no exciting landmarks or even a living ecosystem. Sometimes you run into an ambush. Thats then it was already. And although the day-night rhythm looks pretty, whether you can do it with full moon or bright sunshine by opponent hordes but no difference, Stealth does not exist. The only advantage of the Open World seems to exist to make the game for the largest and most comprehensive offshoot of the entire series. After just under three hours in our reading version, we allegedly completed seven percent of all content.

After all, you now have a little more playful freedom in your approach. Instead of making the Banished in single-handedly fire under the ass, you can also climb together with a few UNSC-Marines into a Warthog and with wild-firing onboard by the area boards. Thats actually pretty funny.

Only the vehicle control is and remains a catastrophe. Accelerate and brakes lies on the left stick. You can then guide you by turning the camera with the right stick. This is an absolutely awful system, which only leads to banging regularly into any obstacle. Mongoose and Co. have also felt the weight of a flumes. You like to overuse you and would like to put your cart back on the wheels. The vehicle control of Halo Infinite is unfortunately quite a disaster. Source: PC Games

What can the gameplay?

At least in terms of Gun play you can not even complain. Hallo Infinite plays clench and precisely with the controller. The movement slips down weapons. If you are working a brute with your assault rifle, he loses helmet and armor parts before he dips. A count flies screaming through the area as soon as you miss it with the proton sword. The Weapon Arsenal alone already offers an incredible variety, but is then added again by a series of grenades, stationary guns and finding miniguns.

Halo Infinite's Open World Hands On Explainer Baller makes a humor, also thanks to the really extensive weapon arsenal. Source: PC Games Our personal highlight is and remains the melee. To break the nose with the rifle piston, thats just mood — especially in combination with the new gripping hook. With the out of a jackals shield. You pick up for an energy cell nearby, which then hurls on your adversary. Or she pulls you to an opponent to give him a mimicking. Later, your Grapple hook can be improved even. For example, collected Spartan cores are invested in an additional electric shock effect. In addition, you are constantly switching on new gadgets like a drop shield or a surrounding scanner, which meaningfully insert into the existing gameplay scaffold.

These technical gaming are also bitterly necessary, Halo Infinite can be pretty challenging. The Banished may not be particularly clever. Sometimes you need a little to become aware of you, we could not recognize right tactics with you. But alone because of their mass and firepower they are a serious threat. Already on the normal degree of difficulty, we came to sweat often. On the two higher levels heroic and legendary, even a single grenade can even mean death. In the absence of coverage or Dash function, you must always be in motion.

Is the graphic finally better?

Only the question remains: how well does it look like the whole thing now? The graphics of Halo Infinite was in the gameplay revelation last year quite a excitement and one of the reasons for the release shift. Accordingly, 343 Industries once again invested proper work in the look of the Sci-Fi Shooter, with visible success. The picture does not look so cold, sterile and smooth. Also lighting, reflections, explosion and fire effects now make a clear natural impression. Bucked out of the socks, but we still did not see us. Yes, we only played on Xbox Series S and X. Yes, the typical halo style is just a little clean. We do not want to complain about that in the levels in spaceships or buildings. The Open World looks at more closely but some detail and mushy out. Afterwards, you can always follow well how grasses and other textures on the roadside are always loaded when they appear so slowly in your viewing window.

The scripted sequences in Halo Infinite, in which everything flies in the air, make a mood properly. (1) Source: PC Games For this, the rest of the staging has succeeded. The chorale soundtrack chases a beautiful show over his back. The German Voice Cast around Tobias Bucket makes a good job. The German voice of Nathan Million, who already squeezed the Master Chief in Part 4 and 5, also like to get the one or the other cool one liner out. That fits everything.

Nevertheless, we stay with pretty mixed feelings at the end of our play-session. So great the story and the gun play of Halo Infinite are also so browse the conclusion falls out for level design. In his best moments, if you follow the linear action roller coaster, Halo feels like one of the best shooters of the year. In the sprawling sandbox areas, however, a lot of look, feeling and atmosphere flutes. It remains exciting to wait how bad this contrast looks at the final release on 8 December. The shooter for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and Xbox Games — but without Forge or Loop mode.

My opinion

From David Hence editor [email protected]

Freud and sorry are very close to each other

In the first one and a half forest hours Halo Infinite really brewed me. The fleet staging, the charming relationship between Master Chief and the weapon, the action-packed gameplay including the new gripping hook — that makes mood. As soon as the shooter leaves the scripted paths, he loses his fascination quickly for me. The Open World on the Zeta Halo seemed generic and lifeless for me. Like a Far Cry with Sci-Fi coating. My hope is that the rest of the game is not limited to the open area from the demo, but always scattered slightly more linear sections, which after decelerated exploration bring something dynamic again. Just like in Metro Exodus. Otherwise, I could quickly pass the pleasure.

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