Gravity Gusta Booth has Lagrbos Photozone

Gravity has released a 16-day Vesta 2021 on-offline program schedule.

Bard but I built only on-hit items and I kill you with one auto

First, the booth site is also online on the GST special homepage. Domestic, of course, overseas users have also been able to see the Just scene. In addition to the booth main stage program, the RO studio provided separately to the gravity booth also sends a new-related broadcast.

The main program is Lagrange Begins 3-year-old Daemon, Ragnarök ORI, 3-year-old 3rd, Ragnarök Online quiz Revolution, Puzzle & Dragon 8, BJ game demonstration broadcasting.

In the demonstration zone, Ragnarök V: Resurrection, Ragnarök Begins, Grand, and 9 existing titles and new titles are available for 9 species. It also operates RO Shop, which sells trick Art Photozone, Ragnarök Goods products, which can take pictures that seems to be chased by Ragnarök Boss Monster BAPAAT.

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More information can be found on the Gravity Gustav Special Homepage.


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