FCB coach Scheuer warns: Not in optimal constitution

We are on a very good way, says coach Jens Schemer despite the youngest two defeats. This statement may be irritated in view of the 1: 2 in Lyon last Wednesday and 0: 1 in the Bundesliga summit against VFL Wolfsburg on Saturday. In Lyon, we at the end we lost unhappy and the result against Wolfsburg was brutal. The game was a step in the right direction. The team has taken the heart in hand, explains the Bayern Coach. But no goals shot.

That should change on Wednesday against the French vice-master. Lyon, however, not only presented itself in good form in the first leg against Bayern, but placed a 6-1 core victory against Master Paris Saint Germain on Sunday. But Schemer says, We pulled our conclusions from the first leg in Lyon. His team has ended the bottom of the valley, the 42-year-old is convinced. But we are not in optimal constitution. Many players are not at 100 percent due to injuries.

Defender Hearing for the first time this season in the squad

And good news also had to proclaim the coach: Defense Chef Marina Hearing returns to the Bavaria squad on Wednesday. The 31-year-old has been able to deny no game due to injuries that have never been defined in detail this season. An assignment from the beginning, however, is still too early, said Bavaria coach.

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Hearing returns to the coming week also in the district of the national team. Your coach says: I find it makes sense that Marina travels to the national team, because we have little players in Munich in the deposition period. The national team will continue to rebuild.


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