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The FC Schalke 04 is currently only ranked five of the 2nd football Bundesliga after his descent in summer, has lost his last three mandatory games in Championship and DFB Cup. The new S04 stem keeper Martin Frail last well showed proper services, but the bankruptcy of his team could not prevent. The time on Schalke for the 28-year-old began to plan.

His start in Gelsenkirchen could not have done much better. This summer of Ado The Hague to FC Schalke changed, the Austrian was appointed the 8th match day of head coach Dimitrios Grammars to the new number one between the poles. In his first four games, Frail remained entirely without goal, won with S04 in all four encounters.

The success series ripped on October 29 at the 1st FC Dagenham, when the final man in the 89th minute no longer wandered a header from Oliver Using to the 0: 1 final score.

Despite the recent failures, Frail was determined in conversation with the picture determined to go to Schalke further development steps: I have made my task as a goalkeeper as complete as possible, says the goalkeeper towards the newspaper.

FC Schalke: Torwarttrainer Court also worked for Ajax and Porto

A particularly important role games S04-goalkeeper Will Court. The 60-year-old has been hired on Schalke since this summer and has already made a name for itself within a few months.

In position-style coaching, Will is really outstanding. He could give me a completely new element in the goalkeeping game again, Frail said about his coach, which stands in the place together with him as well as the goalkeeper colleagues Ralf Ferryman and Michael Larger.

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Cohort is considered detailed, worked successfully on Schalke at Great Clubs like Ajax Amsterdam, FC Porto and Zenith St. Petersburg before his time.

For example, it s about putting my shoulder for three centimeters diagonally to have the optimal position, Frail revealed a detail of the training work with cohort.


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