Bright Memory Infinite DX12 Ray Tracing Attenuated: How to Solve IT

Is the DX12-ray tracing settings or not available for you at Bright Memory Infinite PC? Do not worry, there are solutions that work for this problem.

DX12-ray tracing settings does not work for many users in Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory Infinite could easily qualify as the greater surprise of the year, the game was announced from nowhere and threw out of nowhere. He managed to create a decent amount of advertising since the first time was shown.

The developers of Bright Memory have spoken a lot about Ray Tracing from the advertisement for the game. They have been saying from the beginning that the implementation of Ray Tracing has taken the images of the game to another. And I agree with them. I played the game for a while, and I can guarantee that most of you have not seen anything like this.

Anyway, many players who bought Bright Memory Infinite complain that the Ray Tracing option does not work. It is completely attenuated. Now, it makes sense for users who do not have RTX cards. But even users with RTX 3070 and 3080 are experiencing this problem. Watch this publication of a Steam user:

RTX attenuated

I have a GPU for RTX 3080 laptop and the DX-12 RTX is attenuated. How?

Now the question is, can this be solved?

How to fix

I was having this problem myself to be honest. I have an RTX 3060 IT, and the Ray Tracing and DSS configuration was also attenuated for me. This is what I did to solve the problem:

Bright Memory: Infinite - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (PC 60FPS RTX) Uninstall Bright Memory Then I updated my NVIDIA controller to version 496.49 through GeForce Experience. I had version 471.68 before Then, reinstalled Bright Memory Infinite After pressing the Play button on Steam, you have two options:

Play Bright Memory: infinity Use a Minced (DX12) compatible PC to obtain the best performance

I chose the second option

And that s all I did to solve my problem. I am using Windows 10 64-Bit version 20h2 (OS Build 19042.1348), and the Ray Tracing option is now available on my RTX 3070, my 3060 IT, as well as on my RTX 2060.

I have already uploaded a video that plays Bright Memory infinite in the maximum setting, with Ray Tracing activated. You can check it if you want:

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That s all folks!


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