Brief affair around DOSB

Ex-Ex-Executive Board Karin Fees has received a great deal for President Alton s Hermann for President Alton s Hermann for President Alfons Hermann.

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Many who contact me tell me: Thank you for your courage, Fees said to the SID. It was not in my mind not to create a scandal or wave, said Fees, I wanted to look in the mirror in the morning and can say, Good morning, today a nice day will be a nice day.

In fact, Fees continued to put pressure on the outgoing Hermann and the DOSE board. Writing the letter was one of the most difficult decisions in my professional life, Fees said, which was until the end of November 2020 DOSE board for sports development: That was not easy. The 62-year-old then determined on the advice of my lawyer to this step: Because he said that apparently no interest in education.

Fees had directed the letter to the association on Tuesday and declares that Hermann and other top representatives had fortified them to confess them as an author of the Anonymous letter of 6 May, in which the umbrella organization under Hermann s leadership assumes a culture of anxiety became. An opinion of a speech expert would have revealed that the letter from her. In addition, they were threatened by a Berlin law firm on 13 October by a Berlin law firm in the name Hormones and the DOSE as an association criminal complaint and civil law.

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My lawyer had written the Berlin law firm commissioned by the other side, rejected all allegations and asked to present the supposed expertise. After no answer was there two weeks later, I decided to write this letter, Fees said, said Fees: I wanted to make it clearly clear that I do not write with this anonymous, but also nothing to do.


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