Blade & Soul got 2021 a big engine

Blade & Soul in 2014 to 2016 was a hot expected MMORPG from Korea. It convinced above all with the action-rich fighting and the beautiful graphic. In 2021 there was the big engine update as well as some new updates. But is it still worthwhile to start with the game? Mango editor Alexander Latch tried it and talked to the developers.

Blade & Soul is also 2021 one of the best Asia MMORPGs on the market. It is free2play, has one of the most interesting martial arts combat systems and focuses heavily on a story where you fight against evil.

There are regular updates that continue history, and every fall a new class will be published. There are also dozens of events that are activated regularly. These include bonus events for returnees, but also special festivities for Halloween or Christmas.

In 2021 Blade & Soul got a little more attention, because the MMORPG was moved to the Unreal Engine 4. This caused an improvement in the graphic and should actually improve performance. In addition, there were several changes to the game, including adjustments to the combat system, on the Loot and the interface.

But is that enough to make Blade & Soul again to an interesting MMORPG? And what does the game offer general and for whom is it suitable? I looked more closely at the game.

Who speaks here? Alexander Latch is the MMORPG expert at Mango. In games like Guild Wars 2, ESO or Black Desert he has sunk with thousands of hours. But Blade & Soul is also familiar to him. Even to the 2016 release, he has created beginner guides and taken each of the starter dungeons.

For this article he played up the class arch runners on stage 30, the latest class double blade tried with the help of a max-level boat in the endgame, from which developers get shown the new demon banners dungeons and also put some interview questions to them.

A classic Asia MMORPG with revenge story and action rich fight

What about classes and peoples? Blade & Soul lets you create a character from 14 different classes to start. However, these classes are partially bound to peoples. At the peoples there are:

Is BLADE & SOUL's Unreal Engine 4 update worth coming back for?

The Jin — you look like classic people and can be created in male and female. The Lore they are very versatile and stubborn beings. The on — giant people who offer a lot of physical strength. They, too, exist in male and female. The Run — a people consist exclusively from female members, attaching value to elegance and grace. The Lynn — small creatures with huge ears. There are also both sexes here.

The classes sound dancers (Lynn only), summoners (only Lynn) and Berserker (ON only) are even playable only from a single people while they have several options to choose from the remaining classes.

At the beginning you have 3 free character sites, you can expand you up to 13 via the shop. So it is currently not possible to play all classes at the same time.

The character editor is very detailed. Already at the facial details, there are several regulators for the size and position of the pupils, the selection of various colors and naturally adaptation options for makeup and jewelry. Overall, the editor is not as strong as that of Black Desert, but already very close.

Have you created your wish character, you start in the tutorial. There you will get to know the Hong moon school. This is the fighting school that belongs to her and in which she trains. Her leader is master Hong, a small, old AUZ, who is often seen on screenshots to the game.

In the tutorial, you learn sprints, jumping and gliding, one of the peculiarities of Blade & Soul. Because you can glide from one point to another to overcome larger abysses. However, you steadily slide down and can not achieve higher protrusions, as is the case with flight moods in WOW.

Also, positive is the beautiful soundtrack that accompanies Blade & Soul. There are a variety of pieces that are played in different places and optionally underpin the picturesque landscape or provide an epic feeling in dungeons.

After some intro sequences, it comes to a big betrayal. The school is attacked by Jonson, who kills almost all of your comrades. Afterwards, a classic revenge story starts in which you are trying and trying to track Jonson and bring them to the route.

The story is told in various chapters, which follows quasi in a kind of main quest. In addition, there are always side tasks that can do optionally.

However, there is no completely open world in Blade & Soul. Instead, you are still running through portals, similar to Guild Wars 2. There are also special story content in many places, which you can also enter by a portal and that only you can experience yourself.

A fun combat system — with weaknesses

How does Blade & Soul play? The combat system relies on a lot of action, many skills and many combos. Much is the keyword because there are dozens of skills for each class, which can also be used in different combos.

This sees partly very spectacular if your enemies will ship into the air or even lightning fast through the area or put an enemy from the air. However, it can also be very complex to work through all the skills and combos.

In addition, the attacks are partly with very large and colorful animations, therefore, which does not fall each player. I also lack a classic evasive role to avoid the one or the other enemy attack. Also, the fact that I can not sprint in fighting, I remember immediately negatively.

An unfamiliar equipment system: In Blade & Soul, your appearance does not matter. The damage caused depends mainly on the weapon used, which can be further developed through various levels.

Other values, such as life points, defense values, accuracy and critical hit chance, come from the Begun fragments used. This is a picture of 8 parts that give you per part bonuses. Do you use several Begun from a set, there are bonuses?

Focus on dungeons and PVP in the endgame

Which content does Blade & Soul offer? Blade & Soul is a classic theme park MMORPG. So you follow a linear story that leads you through the different areas. There are currently 11 story files with several quests in it. The quests usually consist of running, collecting and kill tasks, but are all translated into German and translated into English.

In addition, your task is to reach the Max Level 60 and improve your equipment.

Once in the end game arrived, you expect these tasks primarily:

Several dungeons and raids that can run with other players (most of them only with Max Level). These instances also offer different levels of difficulty. Different PVP battlefields 1V1 or team arena with rankings in the PVP Daily and weekly quests

The appreciation of the equipment in the endgame is also very time-consuming. As a rule, you can usually deal with weeks or months alone. Fortunately, the equipment does not matter to the PVP, all of each other in a fair system occur.

How long does it take to reach the max level? For my way to level 33, I played about 4 hours. According to the forum user spake it takes about 13 hours to reach the max level, as long as it follows only the main story (via BladeAdsoul).

Engine update should help Blade & Soul to make a new splendor, but that's not enough

What about Blade & Soul 2021? In recent years, there were several adjustments to the game, which also meet newcomers and returnees. Brett Jamel, Lead Writer on Blade & Soul, explained to us some adjustments of recent years:

The skills and the fight were greatly simplified. The selection and adaptation of skills is an extremely optimized process, and the players can easily choose their specialization.

Another important facet, which has developed since my entry into the game, is the development of history — as part of the localization team, this is very important to me, and the development of history in the last two acts has what for the Hong moon warriors standing on the game, certainly increased.

The current year 2021 should actually become a strong for the ASIA MMORPG:

The big engine update has been published Many adjustments were made to combat systems, Loot and General Quality of Life changes There are new story content A new class has been published

But the update missed something.

Although the graphically looks better now, but it comes with me again and again for performance problems. Depending on the area, I had up to 90 fps, but sometimes only 25. Although my PC is not a wonder weapon with an i7 4470K, 16 GB DD3 RAM and a GTX 1060, but for high FPS in most MMORPGs is actually enough.

However, the Performance problems weigh heavily because Blade & Soul is based on an action-packed combat system. Every missing FPS you remember immediately. In Raids, performance should also break even more how players report.

The engine update does not really improve performance (and makes you even worse for some even), but it does not work the other problems of the game: the strong grind and the aggressive shop.

Problems with Grind and Shop

What are the problems of Blade & Soul? The MMORPG of NCS oft convinces with a good story, fun fighting and at least a lot of variety in the quests and moving in the game.

But who deals with the game deeper, becomes attentive to the long grind. Because who wants to equip in the endgame, must take a long grind. These include the constant running of the same dungeon and raids, as well as the doing of daily quests.

That even sees board Jamel like that. In the interview, however, he also pointed to an upcoming event, through which you can come to equipment you can come:

I think that it can feel cumbersome to get the equipment for the endgame. It is a lengthy process to get the best weapons in the game (so it should be), and the way there costs a lot of time. But fortunately, as mentioned above, there are occasional events that help players to improve their equipment quickly, and the next will take place in January.

However, if you do not feel like the Grind, you can buy a solution in the shop. In addition to other characters or cosmetic content, there are also the following things:

A boost on the Max Level Materials for equipment revaluations

The possibility to exchange real money in In game currency A premium subscription for 11.99 euros per month, which gives more XP, gold, additional credentials and reduced fees

Theoretically, the whole grind can thus be easier with real money and even skip completely. Some players already look at some players as Pay2win.

New Dungeon system should tie players long-term, event helps new entrants and returnees

What has changed last time? With an update in November, the new mythic dungeons were introduced. These are 4-player instances that provide difficulty levels from 1 to 100. The first steps settle in the difficulty of older dungeons, but the highest levels should be the hardest dungeons so far.

The higher the level, the heavier the bosses will become. Brett Jamel embraced us that due to higher levels of difficulty, new mechanics for end bosses are unlocked and screwed not only to the damage and the life points.

In addition, there will be new rewards in the form of insignia that you can add to your armor. That's what the players are employed in the long term.

Jamel also emphasizes that for 2022 other mythic dungeons are planned. Also, with a new class can be expected in the autumn of next year.

Conclusion: A game for Asia fans who love stories and dungeons and have no problem with Grind


Beautiful graphic An action-packed and fun combat system A 1V1 arena in the PVP with rankings Many content that has accumulated over the years A good and conclusive story, which was also allocated English


Performance problems A lot of grind Shop with Pay2Win aspects Irritating statements in the interface


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