Agricultural Simulator 22 has more players as Battlefield 2042

The Agricultural Simulator 22 is currently more popular with Steam more popular than blockbuster games such as Battlefield 2042. This does not only apply to the placement in the current sales charts, but also for the number of players. This is not least the latest statistics of steam

Where did the Agricultural Simulator 22 have the nose?

It shows that the Agricultural Simulator 22 within the past ten days a peak of 105,636 could achieve active players at the same time. This is already seen in itself a quite considerable number, but at the same time means a triumph about other current blockbuster games.

So the ego shooter Battlefield 2042 came in the same period to a peak of 105,397 at the same time active players, which is a little less. Even such trace aver such as Rainbow Six Victories did not approach this value. It was not enough to go to the top 10, which will continue to be cited by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Data 2 & Co.

Furthermore, it should be said at this point that the PC version Battlefield 2042 is not available exclusively via Steam, but is available at origin. The number listed above does not represent the total number of activated PC players.

Agricultural Simulator 22 is good

Another indication that the latest episode of the popular simulation series meets the taste of the fans are the previously published customers' recent reviews. 81 percent of more than 7,400 reviews are positive and praise the 22er offshoot. This results in a very positive evaluation image.

Source: steam

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