Agricultural Simulator 22: Alpines High Quality Thanks Nvidia

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Virtual farmers come in the new Agricultural Simulator 22 in the enjoyment of better resolution and higher frame rate — at least on the PC. NVIDIA posted a comparison video (see below) to the in-house technologies NVIDIA DSS and NVIDIA DLA, which should show performance improvement. In addition, the new Erlengrat Trailer introduces the snow-covered landscape of the Alpine Region. The simulation, which is supposed to inspire with a Collector s Edition, is getting better as the makers prove with a few exciting innovations — and greater. The latter underlined manufacturer Giants software recently with information on the new vehicle fleet.

LS 22: GeForce sharper, liquid

FARMING SIMULATOR 22 - NVIDIA DLSS ON RTX! (4K) Thanks to DSS (DEEP Learning Super Sampling), the Agricultural Simulator 22 on systems with graphics cards of the GeForce RTX series should run sharper and liquid — and shine through increased resolution, image quality and frame rate. The DSS option allows players and players to play the Agricultural Simulator 22, for example, in 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels), while the technique renders it only with 1080p resolution (1920x1080 pixels). DSS uses the I to increase frame rates and create beautiful sharp images. The result according to the manufacturer: Higher frame rates without a noticeable loss of image quality compared to the native 4K! The newer DLA technology is a Bio-based anti-aliasing mode for users who have free GPU scope and want a higher picture quality. It uses the same technology that NVIDIA DSS drives, and should provide even more graphic splendor in games.

Agricultural Simulator 2022: Gentle trickles the snow

With activated DSS, enjoy the sight of Erlengrat, where the snowflakes are to be particularly gentle through the appropriate performance increase. A new card trailer invites interested parties to the mountain landscape inspired by the European Alpine regions. After Elm creek, which is located in the Midwest of the US, and Haut-Beyleron, based on regions of southern France, have now made farmers and farmers with a taste of all three available cards in the game.

The Agricultural Simulator 22 appears on November 22, 2021, for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X / S / ONE and STADIA. For the distribution in Germany, Aragon Entertainment is again responsible. Further information can be found on the official Farming simulator website and on the Aragon homepage.


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