343i responds to the complaints about the Battle Pass of Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite multiplayer barely debuted yesterday, but the community already has several complaints about it. In particular, the vast majority of them are related to the system of progression for the Battle Pass of this online section, but stay calm, that 343 Industries promised to do something about it.

Brian Harvard, Community Director of Halo Infinite, published in his Twitter account a message where he thanks fans for taking the time with the feedback of the game, while at the same time He assured that they are already investigating the issue of progression:

Thanks to everyone who tested Halo beta infinite so far. For you to know, the team is investigating the progression of Battle Pass and collecting information from yesterday s sessions and will share the news when we have them. Please keep sending your feedback and re-flags as you see them.

Prior to its release, 343i mentioned that the progression in the Battle Pass of this game would be constantly evolving, so fans can stay calm knowing that things will change in the future.

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Halo Infinite: They Gotta Fix This Battle Pass System HALO INFINITE will debut the next December 8 for consoles Xbox and PC.

Editor s note: Leaving this issue aside, it is really impressive how well the servers have worked since its launch 24 hours ago. Normally we are accustomed to the multiplayer games debut with certain problems, but that was not the case here.


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