1. FC Cologne: Anthony Modeste An option for the derby

Anthony Modest is Derby fit. Football Bundesliga's best striker 1. FC Cologne is an option for the Headache Duel with Borussia Mönchengladbach on Saturday (15:30 / Sky), Insured coach Steffen Rampart on Thursday.

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Modest had to be replaced at PSV Mainz 05 on Sunday (1: 1) after a hard tackling.

In this game, also traversed Time Horn on Knee, he will fail until the winter break. Otherwise we can get out of full, said Rampart. Marvin Schwab will give his Bundesliga debut in the goal.

Marvin trained well. We saw him in the trophy twice, said Rampart, He gave us a lap in Jena. With the ball on the foot we do not need to worry about him.

Rampart has experienced no derby against Playback, but he knows the importance of rivalry. Every year the games against Playback are the most important games of the season. We have a full cabin. We are looking forward to that, he said. It's nice that I feel that we can win.


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